AIRE Hotel & Ancient Baths has 22 rooms where details are present in each corner of them. All the rooms are different but they have a characteristic in common that is the comfort they offer.

In the rooms of our hotel you will find Coco-Mat beds, they provide an unbeatable rest and a pleasant sleep.

Coco-Mat mattresses are made with natural rubber sheets instead of springs, giving the mattress elasticity; coconut fibre, which makes it strong, flexible and insulating; horsehair and cactus fibre, which regulate moisture; or marine algae, for their antiallergic function. In addition, they have the freshness of linen; the insulation of wool; the perspiration of down or the relaxing effect of lavender.

Within the range of Coco-Mat mattresses, at AIRE Hotel & Ancient Baths we have the Triton mattress, the most exclusive of the brand, suitable for all body types and weights.

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