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Coco-Mat Beds

One can sleep or can sleep and rest. This last is what we get in the rooms of AIRE Hotel & Ancient Baths of Almería thanks to our Coco-Mat beds that provide the best possible rest at the same time as a pleasant dream.

All our rooms have Coco-Mat beds, which in addition to their exclusive design, they provide rest and benefits for our health as they are made with natural materials.

Coco-Mat mattresses are made with natural rubber sheets instead of springs, giving you elasticity; Coconut fiber, which makes it strong, flexible and insulating; Horsehair and cactus fiber, which regulate moisture; or marine algae, for their antiallergic function.

In addition, they have the freshness of linen; the insulation of wool; the perspiration of down or the relaxing effect of lavender.

Within the range of Coco-Mat mattresses, at AIRE Hotel & Ancient Baths we have the Triton mattress, the most exclusive of the brand, suitable for all body types and weights.

Constructed in multiple layers, Triton contains all this combination of natural materials covered by a high-quality thick cotton cover for greater softness and with a solid oak frame that gives it a touch of luxury.