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Going for tapas in Almeria

Going for tapas in Almeria is one of the things that should not be missing from your list of things to do in Almeria, because if there is a city in Spain that can boast culture of the tapa, that is ours. But where does this tradition come from?

The theory says that the origin comes from the habit of covering the glass of beer or the glass of wine with a slice of bread or ham (or both) to prevent drinks from entering flies and with the appearance of the bars the culture of covering the glasses of drink has been spreading.

And what makes it so special going for tapas in Almeria? Unlike in the great majority of cities, where the tapa is charged separately from the drink, or others where the aperitif is directly chosen by the bar, in Almería is the customer who chooses the tapa from a wide gastronomic offer, with a price that is included with the beer or wine.

In the surrounding areas of La Plaza Vieja and AIRE Hotel & Ancient Baths Almeria is where you can find the most of the best bars where you can explore and look for your favourite tapa, some of them with a great history behind and with traditional spanish cuisine, of all life tapas and others of recent opening with a more modern kitchen.

One of those classic bars in Almería is Casa Puga, dating back to 1900 and in addition to traditional tapas we can taste the Albuñol (Granada) wine.

In the same street of Casa Puga you can also find more bars like Taberna Nuestra Tierra, which mixes classic tapas with some more elaborated but all of them with products from Almería.

Next to it you will find Foody Allen, an original bar that mixes Mediterranean and Japanese food and right next to it the Restaurant La Encina is located, one of the most requested places in the city centre.

Direction to the south, hidden in one of the little streets that surrounds La Plaza Vieja we find Patio de Vecinas and Él Vino en un Barco. The first has a cozy interior courtyard, pets are welcome and vegetarian tapas are available; the second one, is a different kind of bar in which you can eat cakes and drink cocktails.

Following our Tapas route in the neiborhood of AIRE Hotel & Ancient Baths we also have the Casco Antiguo Restaurant, where the traditions and modern kitchen get along.

Nestled in what used to be the Oil Museum, there is De Tal Palo Gastronomic Tavern, one of the most recent pleasant surprises to go for tapas in Almeria.

Finally, our list of tapas bars in the center of Almeria ends in La Plaza Vieja itself, where in addition to the Taberna Vasca Joseba Añorga we have La Tahona Plaza Vieja, where it´s tapas are highlighted.