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Culture in Almería

Monuments and museums shape a wide offer of culture in Almeria for all those visitors who want to know more on the history of the city and also the province.

In the vicinity of AIRE Hotel & Ancient Baths Almería are located those attractions that, without a doubt are the greatest visit points of Almeria’s culture, such as La Alcazaba Fortress and the Jairán Walls on the hill of San Cristobal, all visible from our rooms and rooftop. This monument has more than thousand years of history and evokes the Muslim beginning of Almeria and the later Christian reconquest.

Also few meters away from La Plaza Vieja we find the Cathedral of Almeria, the only fortress-cathedral raised in Spain dating from the 16th century with Gothic, Renaissance and also Baroque and Neoclassical tints.

Wall with wall with our rooms of AIRE Hotel & Ancient Baths, Las Claras Convent is located. Walking towards Paseo de Almería we find the entrance to Los Refugios (Civil War Bomb Shelters) with an interpretation center, consist of a series of underground tunnels in which citizens hid from the bombing of the city during the Spanish Civil War.

At the back of the Cathedral of Almería the Guitar Museum is hidden. This museum walks trough the history of this beautiful instrument and focuses on the birth of the contemporary Spanish guitar by the hand of a local guitarist and luthier Antonio de Torres, considered to be the most important Spanish guitar maker of the 19th century.

Walking towards the south, we arrive to Doña Pakyta Casa Museum which hosts the main artworks from Almería´s art history so far, with special emphasis on the Indalian Movement. Next to the Almería Harbour we can admire the mineral loading/unloading railway platform known as The English Cable, another of the symbols of the city, built by the Eiffel’s school, was the connection between the railway station and the harbour to dispose the minerals that arrived this way.

A few meters from the Intermodal Station we find the Almeria Art Center & Museum, with contemporary artwork, focusing in the local and province artists. Nearby is the Archaeological Museum and it´s interpretation center helping the visitors to explore one of the most important Copper Age settlements in Europe, Millares Archaeological Site which can be visited in Santa Fe de Mondújar, a lovely town 17 kilometers away from Almería. Also in the capital, you can visit the Casa del Cine Museum, which reflects on the importance that Almería had and still has in the history of the seventh art.