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AIRE Hotel & Ancient Baths

Almería is well-known by its warm weather and its impressive natural landscapes. If you visit the city you will discover a combination of mountains, deserts and large beaches lapped by the Mediterranean Sea.
On the other hand, AIRE Hotel & Ancient Baths is located in one of the most emblematic squares of the city. If you want to learn more about it, click here.

Film deserts

The desert of Tabernas will surprise you for being the capital of the spaghetti western and the set of more than 300 films. In addition, you cannot miss the more than 200 km of coast accompanied by an enviable weather.

Unique beaches

Enjoy the well-known beaches of Almerimar, Roquetas del Mar, Aguadulce or El Censo that are perfect to relax under the sun while you enjoy the views to the Alcazaba, the Torres Vigías or the castles.

Natural parks

In the province of Almería are located three natural parks: Cabo de Gats-Níjar, Sierra de María – Los Vélez and Sierra Nevada, where you can enjoy the flora and fauna performing activities as hiking, caving, diving or a boat tour around the coast.

The contrasts of Almería

Wandering around the city, you will find the tracks of the different cultures that lived in the area. The Alcazaba, the Medina and the walls of Jayrán allow us to know the Muslim past of the most international port of the Al-Andalus. On the other hand, Almería also has main monuments of Christianism as the Cathedral and the numerous churches and convents.